Uncle Dave Macon Days


Flatt Lonesome


Kelsi Robertson Harrigill – Mandolin, Vocals

Buddy Robertson – Guitar, Vocals

Charli Robertson – Fiddle, Vocals

Paul Harrigill – Banjo

Michael Stockton – Resophonic Guitar

Dominic Illingworth – Acoustic Bass

From the moment of their brilliant self-titled debut in 2013, it’s been clear that Flatt Lonesome is, as the title of its third album, a Runaway Train. Multiple International Bluegrass Music Association, Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America, and Dove nominations and awards, top charting songs, Billboard charting albums, countless media appearances (including becoming familiar faces on the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage), and a demanding tour schedule, all combine in testimony to the phenomenon that is Flatt Lonesome.

In the wake of three top IBMA honors in 2016, (Vocal Group, Song, and Album of the Year), and now, multiple nominations for the 2017 awards, (Entertainer of the Year, Vocal Group of the Year), one might wonder, where do they go from here?

Flatt Lonesome has emerged from the studio with Silence In These Walls, a new album that answers the question unequivocally. This band of six brilliant musicians knows exactly where to go … to a well of emotion, to expressive vocal and instrumental performances, to increasingly sophisticated songwriting, and to inventive arrangements.

Silence In These Walls (Mountain Home Music Company 9.29.17) is an expression of Flatt Lonesome’s appreciation for musical tradition. With an ever-increasing emphasis on original material, the group honors Country and Bluegrass recording styles with a powerful sense of musical exploration. Melancholy themes of heartbreak, the harshness of life’s lessons, glowing moments of faith and love requited; all spring vividly from this innovative collection.

Much of the album is contemplative, almost brooding. In tone and theme, it is startlingly evocative and sophisticated. Songs like “All My Life,” “Where Do You Go?” and “Cry Oh Cry” contemplate topics like anxiety, questioning seasons in life, and making bittersweet choices of the heart. The tender hope of contentment and the acknowledgment of things that truly matter are explored in “Happy ‘Till He Comes” and “Draw Me Near.” Penned by Kelsi and Paul, “Falling” is a sweet respite; an easygoing love song that invites a moment of calm amid life’s turmoil.

With a clear sense of direction, these young artists keep raising the bar on their own creative game. Flatt Lonesome owns this material through the commanding individual and collective performances of Charli Robertson, Buddy Robertson, Kelsi and Paul Harrigill, Dominic Illingworth, and Michael Stockton.

Silence In These Walls will surely make a resounding impression when the project is released during World of Bluegrass 2017. September 29 is release day for this latest album from the powerhouse vocal and instrumental sensation that is Flatt Lonesome.

Hog Slop String Band



The Hogslop String Band is a Nashville based old time string band comprised of four energetic young musicians hailing from Georgia & Tennessee.  Featuring Kevin Martin on the fiddle, Gabriel Kelley on guitar, Daniel Binkley on banjo and Casey “Pickle” McBride on the washtub bass, these boys surely raise a ruckus.

Upon forming as a pickup square dance band in the summer of 2009, The Hog Slop String Band has since become one of the most sought after old time string bands. Known for their outrageous facial hair and a rollicking repertoire heavily based on Georgia and Middle Tennessee fiddle tunes, these boys have provided entertainment for fashion shows, political conventions and whiskey distilleries as well as countless weddings, festivals and soirees.

Following in the footsteps of such country music luminaries as Uncle Dave Macon and Gid Tanner, they put on a high energy show easily appreciated by both young and old alike.  Despite an unkempt appearance, their undeniable charm is as certain to steal your heart as it will your daughters!


“The Hogslop String Band is one of the most unique bands I have ever heard.  Their music takes you back to a time when things were real and from the heart. These guys are very talented and I recommend that you go see them.  You will be thoroughly entertained!” – Reggie Young (guitar for Elvis, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dusty Springfield)

“Every member of The Hogslop String Band is individually talented and pretty much crazy. As a band they’re as authentic as it gets and an insanely good time.” Neal Cappellino (Grammy Award Winning Engineer)

“Hogslop is the real deal groovilicious honkin old-time string band. Guaranteed old-time awesomeness with these fellas around!” – Abigail Washburn (Banjo Extraordinaire)

“One of the finest square-dance bands on the planet.” – Jack Silverman (Nashville Scene)


1st place Old-time band, Great Southern old-time fiddlers’ convention (Chattanooga, TN)
1st place Old-time band Uncle Dave Macon Days (Murfreesboro, TN)
1st place Old-time fiddle band Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree (Smithville, TN)
1st place Old-time band, Great Southern old-time fiddlers’ convention (Chattanooga, TN)
1st place Folk Song, Mt.Airy Old-time Fiddlers’ Convention (Mt.Airy, NC)
1st place Old-time band, Williamson County Fair (Williamson County, TN)
1st place Old-time band (as Dekalb County Rangers), Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree (Smithville, TN)
1st place Old-time Band (as Hogwire String Band) Uncle Dave Macon Days (Murfreesboro, TN)
1st place in Old-time Appalachian Folksinging Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree (Smithville, TN)
1st place in Old-time Banjo Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree (Smithville, TN)
1st place in Gospel Singing Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree (Smithville, TN)
2nd place in Old-time Singing  Uncle Dave Macon Days (Murfreesboro, TN)
2nd place Old-time Band, Tennessee Valley Old-time Fiddlers’ Convention (Athens, AL)


Guinness World Record (World’s Largest Square Dance)
Music City Roots (3 Performances)
PBS’ Song of the Mountains
Played Charlie Louvin’s Final Show
London Fashion Week
Harvest Fest Music Festival
Summer Camp Music Festival
Bonnaroo Music Festival
Imogene+Willie Grand Opening
Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival
Appearance on Fox & Friends Morning Show (NYC)
Wilmington Beer Fest (Wilmington, NC)
7 Page Feature in H Magazine (Europe, South America, Asia)
Featured in “Visit Portland Maine” & “”Visit Gatlinburg” tourism commercials
Featured in Outlaw Country (Movie)
Bluegrass Underground Series